The Rainforest Rangers - Online Educational Game for kids

The Rainforest Rangers - Educational game to learn about rainforest threats and conservation!

Create a Virtual Tropical Rainforest!

Don't be a rainforest stranger, be a Rainforest Ranger! The Rainforest Rangers need your help with Operation Morpho! Along the way you'll play games, chat with friends, learn about exotic rainforest animals, and build your own eco-village!

  • Fight off the dastardly Lee Zardo as he tries to cut down trees, mine the rivers, and destroy the rainforest ecosystem!
  • Join Sophie and Juan Ramon as they learn about the rainforest and save it from Zardo's destruction!
  • Visit the Arcade to play fun games that test your rainforest knowledge!
  • Complete games and quizzes to win new animals, plants, and objects for your virtual rainforest!
  • Build up your eco-village to progress further into the rainforest and unlock new Levels!
  • Decorate your Levels, and email them to friends and family as virtual postcards!